When you are travelling to the United States you are going to have to be electronically screened to ensure that you are not going to be a threat or security risk. The ESTA, or Electronic System for Travel Authorization, is a must if you are going to the United States. You won’t get into the country if you don’t have one. Read on to learn how long is an ESTA valid for and why you need one.

The ESTA process is automated and it won’t take long to get one unless the system finds problems with your application. If any issues come up during the application process, you are going to have to submit additional documentation which can make the process take longer. You should always apply for the ESTA before you buy your plane tickets just in case you don’t pass the screening.

The ESTA is designed to make travel much safer and it will help keep America safe. You can fill out the application quickly and most people are authorized instantly. You won’t need to print out any documents or take anything with you since the ESTA is electronic and attaches to your passport. As long as you have your passport, you have everything you need for your ESTA.

You can fill out the application online and you don’t need much to get started with it. You just need an email address, credit card to pay the fee, and your passport. You will need to fill out a series of questions and once you fill everything out you submit the application and wait for your approval which is usually instant.

You can travel in the United States for business or pleasure for up to 90 days. Getting the ESTA saves you time and you won’t have to produce so many documents when you enter the country. The ESTA is the way to go if you are travelling and it will make things much easier for you. If you want to make sure that you don’t have any problems getting into the country then you need to get your ESTA right away.

Now that you know how long is an ESTA-valid-for, don’t wait too long before your trip to apply because if you get denied, you might not be able to get into the United States and you could lose the money that you spent on your airfare.